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Interested in starting your next project with us? Learn about what you can expect when working with Inspire.

How does a typical project work?

Contact us with an idea for a project in an area you need help with. We’ll work together to determine if it’s a good fit with the type of work we do.

You’ll work with an Inspire team located in your city to create a proposal and timeline for the project.

Your local office team will select a Case Team Leader and staff the project with 2 - 4 additional Inspire volunteers.

You’ll sign a contract and officially start the project with a kickoff meeting with your Inspire team.

Over the next two to four months, the project team will work diligently to research, analyze, and develop tailor-made solutions for you. You can expect updates, meetings, and collaborative workshops to ensure we’re developing the right solution for you.

Once the final deliverables are sent over to you, we’ll send an invoice and a feedback survey. Expect to hear from us even after the project is complete to see how things are going!

Case Study: KIPP Foundation

KIPP, one of the largest public charter school networks in the U.S., with over 183 schools, 70,000 students, and 6,000 alumni in college.

KIPP came to Inspire asking for fundraising guidance. Most of its funds came from a few large gifts, and while they were well-funded in the near-term, they wanted to diversify their funding to avoid being reliant on a few large donors. KIPP partnered with Inspire to identify ways to target a broader set of donors to increase donor diversity.

The team cracked the case in four major steps:

  1. Benchmarked best practices of similar non-profits through research and interviews
  2. Brainstormed and developed KIPP fundraising communications; tested ideas through focus groups
  3. Finalized the right communication and methods to reach potential donors
  4. Added KIPP-specific data and general education data to communications

Throughout the project the team shared and discussed the results with KIPP and incorporated their feedback.

KIPP raved about the work and has already integrated Inspire’s suggestions into their most recent fundraising appeal!

The project spanned four months, with three major presentations and updates.

Client Testimonials

Inspire helped inspire us. The Board and staff were both struggling with the issue, and having outside attention helped. They listened well, did their research, and came back with clear recommendations.

Meg Madden, Executive Director of Music in Schools Today

The team's work reflected an understanding of our organization's mission and goals...the benchmarks they produced for us were thorough and well-researched.

Alton Nelson, Making Waves

Inspire's single most valuable contribution was the framing of options and choices in a way that focused our conversation on making decisions. They also very clearly articulated what we had decided and how we would proceed in executing the strategy in coming years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Inspire teams typically create a series of presentations that communicate insights and recommendations to the organization. The final presentation will typically be a summary of the recommended courses of action that have emerged throughout the project.

Inspire considers each project to be a collaborative effort and therefore does require a level of commitment from the client. Clients are expected to be highly engaged in the project, meeting occasionally with the case team to review findings and discuss next steps. Additionally, after the case ends, clients should plan to meet with Inspire to provide an update on the changes made to the organization since the final presentation.

Typical Inspire cases run approximately 3-4 months, although timing is flexible and Inspire case teams often extend or shorten timelines, depending on the particular project.

Prospective clients work with our client development heads to decide on the right focus and expected outcome of each case.

Team structures vary by client and project scope, but typically teams include 3+ consultants and are run by 1-2 case team leaders.

Normally, a 3-month project costs $600. However, we understand that your organization may have financial constraints, so we are absolutely open to negotiation.

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